I could never cheat on anyone. It’s the type of mistake and wrong doing I couldn’t live with. Knowing that you destroyed someone’s trust is bad, but destroying someone’s perspective on love is far too worse.
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What’s wrong with you? What you screamin’ for? Every 5 minutes there’s somethin’, a bomb or somethin’. I’m leavin’. bzzzz.

forreal this was one of his best performances.

So am I the only one who thinks it’s highly unprofessional of the DashCon management to even be thinking about a 2015 con right now? Their official statement included the planned dates and hotel of a 2015 DashCon, they say they’re even planning on selling tickets soon and will be releasing a new website to sell them????
A few days after this event is an absolutely atrocious time to start talking about future cons, especially when the management hasn’t even started calculating how to reimburse people yet, on top of using a really flimsy way of returning funds to the people that gave physical money.

Also they’re able to refund the people who gave physical money to the $17k using arbitrary math but unable to refund the people who bought WTNV tickets because of a rule change that happened mid-con. Rules are rules and all, and yeah there was a rule that stated changes could happen, but that’s still pretty scummy.






The Roberts family knew they had to put their beloved dog, Duke, to sleep after the cancer began to take over his body. So, they decided to make his final day on Earth his most special.

See more photos from Duke’s last day that will bring you to tears here.


This is beautiful ;,)„„

poor puppy least hs last day was a perfect one :’(

I know the love I have for my partners is infinite, and it grows stronger with the love they share with me and the love they share with others.



Crewmember Tetsuo Hayashi airbrushes the final touches to a 6.6 meter replica of the famous Godzilla at Tokyo Midtown on July 15, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The “MIDTOWN Meets GODZILLA” project is in collaboration with the Japan release of the Hollywood film version of “Godzilla” The Godzilla built on the lawns of Tokyo Midtown will host a light show everynight complete with mist, audio and fire rays.

Japan, you really know how to welcome the big guy back.

i cant believe he got stuck….


© 2014 Jillian Barthold


© 2014 Jillian Barthold

basically actually don’t date me is what I’m saying I’m a mess I’m gonna go drown my sorrows in Godzilla or something

dumb things I can’t put under a cut so #negativity 4 ur tumble savior a

see the problem with me is once I reach a certain point of not talking to someone it turns to a cycle of not talking to them for a while because my mentality is “what’s the point, I’ll only end up not being able to talk to them again in a while”which turns to “it’s been so long that it would just be awkward to jump back in I bet they’re sick of this i’ll just wait more I hate myself” and it can kind of stick ;;


and I won’t be able to finally get on Skype until like the 17th god I didn’t realize how sad and down I was feeling lately fuck hi upsidedownghostman if ur still on I love you with all my heart and hopefully ur not sick to shit of me doin this I miss you so bad

i just realized it’s been actually over two weeks since I last got to talk to Rheo properly
which on top of PMSing has probably been the reason for me not feeling good when I’m not with Josh lately hm